Essays on the Digital Society

It is the view of this blog that investigating digital diplomacy requires an understanding of the digital society. Indeed the norms, values, beliefs and behaviours that are common in the digital society are central to digital diplomacy for two reasons. First, diplomats are social being and diplomacy is a social institution. Thus, changes in society permeate into foreign ministries and influence how diplomats operate and how they view the world. Second, the digital society is the target audience of digital diplomacy. Therefore, before digital diplomacy can be practiced, the digital society must be defined.  To this end, the blog also publishes essay on the digital society. Visitors and readers are invited to use these essays provided they cite the author and the blog.

Essay Number 2– The Digital Industries: Transparency as Mass Deception (available here)

Essay Number 1 The Woman in Purple: On the Dangers of Social Media Mystification (available here)