The Digital Diplomacy Bibliography

Last week I was asked to review an academic journal article dealing with the use of social media by diplomatic actors. The article started with a familiar phrase- few studies to date have investigated the manner in which digital technologies have impacted the conduct of diplomacy and those practicing it. The article also stated that... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to the ISA Leadership

To the leadership of the ISA, The events unravelling in the United States have led many members of the ISA to reevaluate their decision to attend this year's conference in Baltimore. Throughout my short academic career I have adamantly opposed academic boycotts, including those against my own country, Israel. This opposition stems not from my... Continue Reading →

Turkey Launches #DigitalDiplomacy Blitz

During the night of Friday the 15th of July, as Turkish soldiers attempted to stage a coup and oust the Turkish government, MFAs and diplomats were slow to comment on events. By the time official statements were issued by the State Department or Downing 10, social media networks were flooded with images and video of... Continue Reading →

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