Academic Publications

Books & Monographs

The Digitalization of Public Diplomacy (2019). Palgrave Macmillan  (Available here)

Are We There Yet: Have MFAs Realized the Potential of Digital Diplomacy? (2016) Brill Research Perspective in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy  (Available here)

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Book Chapters

Manor, I. & Crilley, R. (2018). The Aesthetics of Violent Extremism and Counter-Violent Extremist Communication. In Bjola, C. & Pamment, J. (Eds.), Countering Online Propaganda and Extremism. Routledge.

Manor, I., & Segev, E. (2015). America’s Selfie: How the US portrays itself on its social media accounts . Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, 89 (Full Chapter).

Mendel, Y., & Manor, I. (2012). Walking a tightrope: Jewish religious broadcasting in Israeli television- the cases of the public channel and the Hidabroot channel. In Religious broadcasting in the Middle East (pp. 173-195). London: Hurst & Company.

Articles in Academic Journals 

Golan, G. J., Manor, I., & Arceneaux, P. (2019). Mediated Public Diplomacy Redefined: Foreign Stakeholder Engagement via Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media. American Behavioral Scientist (Aviliabe here)

Manor, I. & Pamment, J. (2018). Towards Prestige Mobility? Diplomatic Prestige and Digital Diplomacy. Cambridge Review of International Affairs (Aviiliable here)

Manor. I. & Crilley, R. (2018). Visually Framing the Gaza War of 2014: The Case of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter. Media, War & Conflict (Available here)   

Azocar, D.A., Manor, I., & Cradoso, A.R. (2018). The Digitalization of Public Diplomacy: Towards a New Conceptual Framework. Revista Mexicana de Politicia Exterior, 133, May-August. (Available here)

Manor, I. & Holmes, M. (2018). Palestine in Hebrew: Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Diplomacy. Revista Mexicana de Politicia Exterior, 133, May-August. (Available here)

Bjola, C. & Manor, I. Revisting Putnam’s Two Level Game Theory in the Digital Age: Domestic Digital Diplomacy and the Iran Nuclear dealCambridge Review of of International Affairs (Full Text)

Manor, I. (2017). America’s Selfie-Three Years Later. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy (Americas_seflie_Three_Years_Later.pdf)

Cassidy, J. & Manor, I. (2016). Crisis Communications in MFAs- Debunking Four Myths. Global Affairs, 2016 (Crafting_strategic_MFA_communication_pol).

Kampf., R., Manor, I., & Segev, E. (2015). Digital Diplomacy 2.0? A Cross National of Public Engagement in Facebook and Twitter. Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 10 (4), 2015 (Full paper).

Op-Eds, Book Reviews and Essays in Refereed Journals

Manor, I. (2018). Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance. Cambridge Review of International Affairs

Manor, I. (2018). When diplomats laugh: The role of humor in digital diplomacy. International Affairs                       

Manor, I. (2018). The chessboard and the web: strategies of connections in a networked world. International Affairs, 94 (1), 191-192.

Manor I., & Soone, L. (2018). The Digital Industries: Transparency as Mass Deception. Global Policy

Manor, I. (2017). The Moral Response. Jewish Quarterly, 6 (4).

Articles in Diplomacy Magazines

Ambassadors in a Digital Age. Diplomat Magazine (Available here)

What is Digital Diplomacy, and how is it Practiced around the World? A brief introduction. Diplomatist Magazine 2016 Annual Edition (dig-dip-intro-diplomatist).  

Conference Summaries

Summary of Israel’s First (2016) Digital Diplomacy Conference (Available Here).


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