Academic Publications

Books & Monographs

Are We There Yet: Have MFAs Realized the Potential of Digital Diplomacy? 2016. (Aviliable here)


Book Chapters

Manor, I., & Segev, E. (2015). AMERICA’S SELFIE, How the US portrays itself on its social media accounts . Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, 89 (Full Chapter).

Mendel, Y., & Manor, I. (2012). Walking a tightrope: Jewish religious broadcasting in Israeli television- the cases of the public channel and the Hidabroot channel. In Religious broadcasting in the Middle East (pp. 173-195). London: Hurst & Company.

Artilces in Academic Journals 

Manor, I. (2017). America’s Selfie-Three Years Later. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy (Americas_seflie_Three_Years_Later.pdf)

Manor, I. (2017). The Moral Response. Jewish Quarterly 63 (4)

Cassidy, J. & Manor, I. (2016). Crisis Communications in MFAs- Debunking Four Myths. Global Affairs, 2016 (Aviliable here).

Kampf., R., Manor, I., & Segev, E. (2015). Digital Diplomacy 2.0? A Cross National of Public Engagement in Facebook and Twitter. Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 10 (4), 2015 (Full paper).

Articles in Diplomacy Magazines

What is Digital Diplomacy, and how is it Practiced around the World? A brief introduction. Diplomatist Magazine 2016 Annual Edition (dig-dip-intro-diplomatist).  

Conference Papers

The Ties that Bind: The Contradictory Trends of Digital Diaspora Diplomacy. Paper Presented at 2016 DSA Conference. September, 2016. (Full Paper)

Framing Adversaries: Digital Diplomacy and Moral De-Legitimization. Paper Presented at the 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations. September, 2015. (Full paper)

Summary report- Israel’s first digital diplomacy conference (Full report)

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