Palestine- Tweeting its Way to Statehood?

Social Networking Sites such as twitter and Facebook have long since become a fixture in our lives. Whether they are used as a tool for maintaining and deepening friendships, seeking new employment opportunities or even gathering information on past lovers, social networks have impacted numerous areas of daily life. Yet what is truly remarkable is... Continue Reading →

On Virtual Embassies in the Age of Digital Diplomacy

For some years now, foreign ministries throughout the world have been experimenting with virtual embassies. In 2007, Sweden established a virtual embassy in the popular virtual world Second Life. Meant to serve as a cultural embassy, visitors could learn about Swedish culture, view Swedish art and even participate in seminars hosted by the virtual embassy.... Continue Reading →

Digital Diplomacy Literacy

The term Digital Literacy reflects the immense impact the digital revolution has had on our lives. While some originally thought that the digital world would be separate from the physical one, it is now clear that the digital world is but an extension of the physical one. Revolutions that start on-line impact the physical world... Continue Reading →

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