Lectures and Workshops

Digital Diplomacy: Embassy Workshops

In recent years foreign ministries throughout the world have flocked to Social Networking Sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, embassies are expected to also increase social media activity. This workshop aims to provide embassies and missions with the tools necessary to practice digital diplomacy. The workshop focuses on the language of digital diplomacy, creativity in social media, setting goals and measuring success in digital diplomacy, social media campaigns at the embassy level and meeting the expectations of digital diplomacy followers.

podiumDigital Diplomacy: Potential vs. Reality

This lecture focuses on assessing the degree to which foreign ministries, embassies and diplomats have realized the potential of digital diplomacy. As such, it first offers a brief history of digital diplomacy and identifies its novel aspects. Then, the lecture identifies the potential of digital diplomacy to transcend the barriers of traditional diplomacy. Finally, the lecture examines the current use of digital diplomacy by ministries throughout the world (e.g., US, Iran, Israel, Poland, Kenya) and examines whether they have begun to realize the potential of this exciting new form of diplomacy.

Digital Diplomacy In Times of Crisis

This lecture offers insight into the manner in which digital diplomacy is practiced during times of crisis. The lecture is based on a three month study that evaluated US, Russian and Iranian digital diplomacy activity during the Crimean crisis. Through this and other case studies, the lecture offers insight into how foreign ministries use social media in the conduct of international diplomacy and crisis management.

Current Research in Digital Diplomacy

This lecture focuses on digital diplomacy as a research agenda. First, it deals with the evolution of diplomacy in the 20th Century and the birth of digital diplomacy in the 21st century. Next, it offers a definition of digital diplomacy and examines whether digital diplomacy is a step in the evolution of diplomacy or a revolution. Finally, it focuses on current research methodologies and tools used in order to investigate digital diplomacy as well as the results of most recent studies in this field.

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