Russia and India- Strategic Allies?

Although booted out of office, Tony Blair remains an astute observer of international affairs. In a recent statement, Blair argued that the 21st century will be governed by three giants: China, thanks to its military and financial power, and the US thanks to its financial prowess and mass investments in defense. The third giant has... Continue Reading →

The UK as a Russian Battleground State

Since its emergence nearly a decade ago, digital diplomacy has been accompanied by a need to justify its costs. This is due to the fact that senior diplomats and policy makers often regarded digital diplomacy as a fad rather than a strategic tool for achieving foreign policy goals. This negative view of digital tools led... Continue Reading →

The Russian Tweet Heard Around the World

On Thursday, the 29th of December 2016, President Barack Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the US as well as new economic sanctions targeting Russia's intelligence agencies. Both measures were part of the American response to Russia's alleged interfering in the 2016 Presidential elections. Russia's digital response was immediate. Within an hour... Continue Reading →

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