Digital Diplomacy Working Papers


2017 marks a decade since the advent of digital diplomacy. What began as an experiment by a select number of foreign ministries has transformed into routine practice for diplomats and embassies the world over.

To mark this occasion, I will be publishing a series of working papers. The goal of this series is to reflect on the evolution of digital diplomacy over the past ten years, to stimulate debate among practitioners and scholars and to explore case studies that demonstrate the advantages, and shortcoming, of digital diplomacy.

In addition, these papers aim to contribute to the existing research corpus by dealing with issues that have yet to be investigated by scholars.

Readers of the blog are encouraged to use these working papers as source material provided they cite both the author and the blog.

Ilan Manor

Working Paper # 1- The Digitalization of Diplomacy: Toward Clarification of a Fractured Terminology (Link).

Working Paper #2-The Contradictory Trends of Digital Diaspora Diplomacy (Link).

NEW WORKING PAPER! (2022)- The Selfie as Perpetual Nostalgia: Analyzing Russias Selfie Diplomacy in 2020 (Link)