New Working Paper: Analyzing Russia’s Selfie Diplomacy

This week I have published a new working paper examining Russia’s practice of ‘Selfie Diplomacy’ during 2020-2021. The Working paper begins by discussing why nostalgia is such a common sentiment in todays’ world, arguing that nostalgia is an attempt to force logic onto an incoherent world. Next, the working paper examines the Selfie and asserts that the Selfie is the most nostalgic form of photograph. The working paper then defines and examines ‘Selfie Diplomacy’, or diplomats’ use of social media to create a national self-portrait. Finally, the working paper offers analysis of Russia’s Selfie diplomacy during 2020 while arguing that this Selfie was steeped in Nostalgia. The paper ends by discussing Russia’s present Selfie, following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

You can download the working paper below.

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