The United Nation’s Social Network

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post in which I attempted to illustrate and analyze the social network of the world's foreign ministries. This analysis was the result of a series of interviews I have been conducting with foreign policy practitioners at the Israeli foreign ministry who told me that they use social media... Continue Reading →

Why Michele Obama’s tweet matters

On May 8th, First Lady Michele Obama posted a Selfie on her twitter account holding a sign with the hashtag  #bringbackourgirls. Over the last week, public response to this Selfie has ranged from enthusiastic to hostile with some journalists attacking the First Lady for taking pictures rather than taking action to rescue the 250 Nigerian... Continue Reading →

Exclusive interview with Gal Rudich, Head of new media section at the Israeli foreign ministry’s Digital Diplomacy Unit

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to further my study of Israel's Digital Diplomacy by interviewing Gal Rudich, Head of New Media Section at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Gal spoke to me about the Israeli digital diplomacy model, how the ministry coordinates digital diplomacy messages at the ministry and embassy level, how the ministry... Continue Reading →

The Social Network of Foreign Ministries

I have often wondered if foreign ministries follow each other on twitter, and if so, do foreign ministries regard twitter as an important source of information. After all, by monitoring the Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs' twitter channel world governments can gather important information regarding events shaping this country's future as they unfold. Likewise, by... Continue Reading →

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