The Social Network of Foreign Embassies in Israel

The past three weeks have demonstrated yet again that Israel is one of the world's most important diplomatic hubs. As the violent confrontation between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate, diplomatic efforts to reach a ceasefire between the two sides have brought to the region numerous high ranking diplomats including the UN Secretary General, US... Continue Reading →

An Epic Q&A Session

On July 17th, Israel's Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer held a Q&A session on twitter aimed at answering questions relating to the current outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas which now includes a ground offensive by the Israeli Army into the Gaza strip named Operation Protective Edge. Twitter followers were asked to... Continue Reading →

The Social Network of Arab Twiplomacy

A Disconnected Arab World Last week I attempted to explore the world of "follow-mies", countries that are enemies in the geo-political world yet follow one another on twitter. An interesting finding was that in the age of twiploamcy, the Arab world is a disconnected one. I found that the majority of Arab countries do not... Continue Reading →

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