On Social Media Information Dominance

Last week, the University of Southern California’s Centre on Pubic Diplomacy published a blog post by Mark Dillen titled "Battle of the Bots". In this post, Dillen cites a  recent study which found that a large majority of Tweets originating from Russia were in fact written by automated Bots who may serve two purposes: cluttering... Continue Reading →

#AskNetanyahu- A Wasted Opportunity?

Scholars of digital diplomacy often criticize diplomats for not realizing the potential of social media to stimulate conversation with online publics. Indeed I have often advocated the use of Twitter, Facebook and other platforms for conversing with online publics that are opinionated, well informed and clamoring to be heard. One method of stimulating conversations between... Continue Reading →

Digital #Diaspora Diplomacy

Over the past three weeks, I have published posts concerning issues that arose during Israel’s 1st Digital Diplomacy Conference held earlier this year in Tel Aviv. This week’s post will be the last in this series and will deal the issue of using digital tools for diaspora diplomacy. New Patterns of Migration? The 21st century... Continue Reading →

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