Exploring the Use of Hashtags

A Swedish diplomat once asked me how one can reduce the complexities of international diplomacy to a 140 character tweet. I responded by saying that Twiplomacy must be regarded as an art form, one that uses the language of twitter in order to condense foreign policy initiatives or official statements into short bursts of diplomacy.... Continue Reading →

Exploring the @UN twitter channel

Over the past few months I have attempted to imagine the world of digital diplomacy as social networks. This has enabled me to explore the potential use of digital diplomacy as a source for gathering and disseminating information amongst various diplomatic institutions such as ministries of foreign affairs and embassies. My research has often focused... Continue Reading →

How World Leaders Use Twiplomacy

On Tuesday, the HindustanTimes published an article dealing with the manner in which India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses social media as a tool for digital diplomacy. According to the article, India's Prime Minister uses social media sites such as twitter in order to engage with local and foreign publics as well as with... Continue Reading →

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