What is the Role of Former Ambassadors in Digital Diplomacy?

Ambassadors can serve as important digital diplomacy assets. Given their high profile, Ambassadors are often able to attract more social media followers than embassies. Additionally, given their extraordinary and plenipotentiary status as government representatives, their online comments soon find their way to media reports. Indeed, an Ambassadorial tweet can spark controversy, or add new opinions... Continue Reading →

Developing Best Practices for Ambassadors on Twitter

Last week I published the results of an analysis that focused on ambassadors who are active on twitter in addition to their embassy. My results indicated that some ambassadors add to their embassy's digital diplomacy impact by publishing engaging content. This week I decided to return to my database in order to identify best practices for ambassadors on twitter.... Continue Reading →

An Epic Q&A Session

On July 17th, Israel's Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer held a Q&A session on twitter aimed at answering questions relating to the current outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas which now includes a ground offensive by the Israeli Army into the Gaza strip named Operation Protective Edge. Twitter followers were asked to... Continue Reading →

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