Persoan Grata- An Interview with the Israeli MFA

This week I was interviewed for the Israeli MFA's podcast on digital diplomacy- Persona Grata. In this special episode of Persona Grata I talked with Yiftah Curiel who heads the Israel MFA's Digital Diplomacy department which manages more than 30 social media channels in 5 languages including English, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew. We discussed... Continue Reading →

Digital Diplomacy 3.0: Personalized Diplomacy

From Digital Diplomacy 1.0 to Digital Diplomacy 2.0 When foreign ministries first migrated online, they viewed social media platforms as mass media channels. Much like the radio and television, Twitter and Facebook could be used to disseminate messages among millions of users. The conceptualization of social media as mass media was, in part, the result... Continue Reading →

Between Digital Diplomacy and Diplomacy 2.0

Note: This post was originally published on the Public Diplomat Website.  Several weeks ago I was asked if there was a difference between the terms digital diplomacy and diplomacy 2.0 or if they are simply synonyms. At the time, my answer was that both terms relate, among other, to the incorporation of Social Networking Sites (SNS) in... Continue Reading →

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