Real Time Diplomacy?

Philip Seib argues that the advent of social media and social networking sites have brought about a new form of diplomacy, one that must contends with global events taking place in real time. In an age when a single video documenting the brutal oppression of a demonstration circles the globe within hours, foreign ministries are... Continue Reading →

The Social Network of World Leaders on Twitter

Over the past few months, I have dedicated much time to analyzing the social networks of digital diplomacy. My assumption was that ministries of foreign affairs, embassies and other diplomatic institutions now routinely follow one another on social networks such as twitter and Facebook. This assumption was based on the fact that by following their... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Use of Hashtags

A Swedish diplomat once asked me how one can reduce the complexities of international diplomacy to a 140 character tweet. I responded by saying that Twiplomacy must be regarded as an art form, one that uses the language of twitter in order to condense foreign policy initiatives or official statements into short bursts of diplomacy.... Continue Reading →

What Are the Force Amplifiers of Digital Diplomacy?

While digital diplomacy has become the "talk about town" in the corridors of ministries of foreign affairs, news organizations and academic departments, scholars and practitioners have yet to find an agreed upon definition of digital diplomacy. Upon searching for such a definition, I learned that some scholars view digital diplomacy as a force amplifier of... Continue Reading →

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