Monday’s Must Read List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week- The United Nations is turning to artificial intelligence in search for peace in war zones (The New York Times)The Internet is Rotting (The Atlantic)Google boss Sundar Pichai warns of threats to... Continue Reading →

Biden Goes Viral; But Not Among Diplomats

On January 20th, as President Joe Biden took the Oath of Office, he also gained control of the @POTUS Twitter account (President of the United States), one of the most followed accounts on Twitter. Both his predecessors had amassed a vast following online with Donald Trump reaching some 90 million followers and Barack Obama 137... Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Increase ROI on #DigitalDiplomacy

On Friday, December 2nd, the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group, and the Latvian Mission to Geneva, co-hosted a Digital Diplomacy event at the UN headquarters in Geneva.  The purpose of the event was to examine whether there is a Return On Investment in digital diplomacy activities. The event demonstrated that the first stage of digital... Continue Reading →

On Papal Digital Diplomacy

The Catholic Church is no stranger to diplomacy. Indeed since its formation the Church has been at the forefront of diplomatic activity, firs in Europe and then around the world. Popes often served as arbiters in European conflicts while Papal legates served as ambassadors to foreign courts.  Even the first foreign ministry was founded by... Continue Reading →

Why the UN Should Promote Digital Diplomacy

On January 30th 2015, the UN in New York held its first social media day. Social media professionals, practitioners of digital diplomacy and academics from various fields were all invited to share their knowledge with regard the use of social media in the conduct of diplomacy. In addition, the day included several panels such as... Continue Reading →

Exploring the @UN twitter channel

Over the past few months I have attempted to imagine the world of digital diplomacy as social networks. This has enabled me to explore the potential use of digital diplomacy as a source for gathering and disseminating information amongst various diplomatic institutions such as ministries of foreign affairs and embassies. My research has often focused... Continue Reading →

The Social Network of Arab Twiplomacy

A Disconnected Arab World Last week I attempted to explore the world of "follow-mies", countries that are enemies in the geo-political world yet follow one another on twitter. An interesting finding was that in the age of twiploamcy, the Arab world is a disconnected one. I found that the majority of Arab countries do not... Continue Reading →

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