The 2017 Social Network of Foreign Ministries

Introduction In May of 2014, I published my analysis of the social network of world foreign ministries (MFAs) on twitter. My assumption was that MFAs would actively follow one another online in order to gather relevant information. For instance, by following other ministries an MFA may be able to identify policy changes in certain countries,... Continue Reading →

Did #SOTU Go Global?

It’s Complicated Diplomacy and International Relations scholars have argued that ours is the age of complexity. Global challenges such as health pandemics, climate change and migration necessitate trans-national cooperation as no nation can address these issues alone. Furthermore, in a globalized world domestic policies have international ramifications. One country’s open border policy can lead to... Continue Reading →

What can we learn from digital diplomacy?

One of the major questions arising from the study of digital diplomacy deals with its practical application. In other words, what can we really learn from digital diplomacy? In the past, I have conducted several analyses which suggest that MFAs now routinely follow one another on twitter. As such, MFAs may be using social media... Continue Reading →

The State of Russian Digital Diplomacy

Recent moths have seen an abundance of articles dealing with Russia's use of trolls in order to shape online public discourse regarding its foreign policy. According to one article, the Kremlin now manages a troll army used to promote Russia's stance on numerous issues (e.g., Ukraine, Syrian Civil War, Iran nuclear agreement) and discredit Russia's opponents.... Continue Reading →

Developing Best Practices for Ambassadors on Twitter

Last week I published the results of an analysis that focused on ambassadors who are active on twitter in addition to their embassy. My results indicated that some ambassadors add to their embassy's digital diplomacy impact by publishing engaging content. This week I decided to return to my database in order to identify best practices for ambassadors on twitter.... Continue Reading →

The Social Network of Foreign Ministers on Twitter

During 2014, I began exploring digital diplomacy through social networks. I found that social networks are an effective way of analyzing digital diplomacy given that diplomats, embassies and MFAs now routinely follow one another on social media. For diplomats and diplomatic institutions, social media has become an important working tool as it enables them to gather... Continue Reading →

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