Trump is back. Sort Of.

Last week, Facebook’s oversight board ruled that the company was right to suspend former President Donald Trump. According to the oversight board, Trump used his account to praise violent rioters that stormed Congress on January 6th. However, the oversight board did call on Facebook to re-examine its decision to ban Trump ‘indefinitely’. Notably, Facebook’s oversight... Continue Reading →

Biden’s 100 First Tweets in Office

The term ‘First 100 days’ in office was coined by US President Franklin D Roosevelt and referred to a windfall of legislation that Presidents promote during the earliest days of their administration. In Roosevelt’s case, the first 100 days were used to introduce 15 bills all meant to alleviate the Great Depression through ‘New Deal’... Continue Reading →

Biden Goes Viral; But Not Among Diplomats

On January 20th, as President Joe Biden took the Oath of Office, he also gained control of the @POTUS Twitter account (President of the United States), one of the most followed accounts on Twitter. Both his predecessors had amassed a vast following online with Donald Trump reaching some 90 million followers and Barack Obama 137... Continue Reading →

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