Monday’s Must Read List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week –

  1. Perils of Preaching Nationalism Play Out on Chinese Social Media (The New York Times)
  2. UK Parliament closes TikTok account after China data warning (BBC News)
  3. Corruption is sending shock waves through China’s chipmaking industry (MIT Technology Review)
  4. VR is as good as psychedelics at helping people reach transcendence (MIT Technology Review)
  5. A.I. Is Not Sentient. Why Do People Say It Is? (The New York Times)
  6. EU moves to beat the algorithms that ruin lives (The Guardian)
  7. State Department Prepares New Focus on Cyber Diplomacy (Voice of America)
  8. You now have two days to delete that embarrassing WhatsApp message (The Verge)
  9. Lessons Ukrainians learned from cold calling the enemy (CyberNews)

Some light reading- Cosmos, by Carl Sagan

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