Monday’s #MustRead List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week-

  1. U.S. and States Say Facebook Illegally Crushed Competition (The New York Times)
  2. Google and Apple are banning technology for sharing users’ location data (The Verge)
  3. Russia’s FireEye Hack Is a Statement—but Not a Catastrophe (Wired)
  4. ‘It’s Not About Money’: Destructive Cyberattack Proves Israel Lacks One Key Thing (
  5. After Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout, Google Search Will Show Vaccination-Related Info (India Times)
  6. Tech giants to face large fines under Europe’s new content rules (Politico)
  7. Sci-fi surveillance: Europe’s secretive push into biometric technology (The Guardian)
  8. Former EU leaders call for democratic safeguards in new tech rules (Reuters)
  9. Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology (World Economic Forum)

Some light reading- Homer’s the Oddyssey

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