Monday’s Must Read List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week-

  1. GCHQ to use AI to tackle child sex abuse, disinformation and trafficking (GCHQ)
  2. Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’ (The Guardian)
  3. UK tools up against China’s intel gathering (Politico)
  4. China lands rover on Mars in ‘milestone’ achievement (The Washington Post)
  5. Does the world still need banks? (The Economist)
  6. As COVID-19 spread around the world, a question was asked: Can diplomacy work over a webcam? (Diplomat Magazine)
  7. Fanatic fans or fake followers? Chinese diplomats and their social media networks (Oxford Internet Institute)
  8. How To Use Educational Technology Humanely Post-Pandemic (Forbes)
  9. Socially Distanced Diplomacy: Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in a Fragile World(USC Center on Public Diplomacy)

Some light reading-Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis by Allison and Zelikow

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