Monday’s #MustRead List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week-

  1. Here’s a Way to Learn if Facial Recognition Systems Used Your Photos (The New York Times)
  2. The tyranny of passwords – is it time for a rethink? (The Guardian)
  3. US sets out new powers to block Chinese technology (The Financial Times)
  4. The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2021 (The New York Times)
  5. Parler partially reappears with support from Russian technology firm (Reuters)
  6. Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism (The New York Times)
  7. Tackling Digital Deserts: Launch of First Cross-Sector Alliance to Close the Digital Divide (World Economic Forum)
  8. Now Available: New Drone Technology for Radiological Monitoring in Emergency Situations (IAEA)
  9. Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking (The Economist)
  10. How The New Boundaries Of Technology Have Driven Paradigm Changes (Forbes)

Some light reading- The Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

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