Monday’s Must Read List

Each week, I publish a list of interesting articles, essays and reports that may be of interest to the digital diplomacy community. This week-

  1. China’s rulers want more control of big tech (The Economist)
  2. Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist? (The New York Times)
  3. China builds advanced weapons systems using American chip technolog (The Washington Post)
  4. Facebook’s ad algorithms are still excluding women from seeing jobs (MIT Technology Review)
  5. How mRNA Technology Could Change the World (The Atlantic)
  6. Facial recognition beats the Covid-mask challenge (BBC News)
  7. ‘Technology’ Is the Most Useless Word in the English Language (Bloomberg)
  8. The French army is testing Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot in combat scenarios (The Verge)
  9. Why Computers Won’t Make Themselves Smarter (The New Yorker)

Some light reading- The Gambler, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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